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     A lot of my photography work comes out of my NDE. That is why I attempt to capture figures interacting with light, or with light emanating from the body, with black backgrounds.

     My light tubes are a good example of this. At first I had no idea why I was compelled to explore this concept. One day, I looked at a light fixture and wondered how I could get the bulb to function without the fixture. I talked to my cousin who was a union electrician, and he said that if I took out the connectors, called tombstones, that I could get it to work safely. I did not get a good image from that first shoot, but some of the images resonated with me and I could see the direction I need to go. I pursued the concept throughout dozens of photo and video shoots.

     Light Globes are similar to the light tubes, but they offer a higher degree of intimacy as the subjects interact with the light globes.

     Projection comes from a desire to distort and abstract the human form. Since the initial medical mistake I have had 6 surgeries in 8 years. I often feel distorted and abstract.

     Similarly, my In-camera collage photos I distort and abstract the human form. These present a challenge because the camera does not want these photos to exist. I have learned how to trick the camera to allow them to be captured. They are currently what I am most excited about in my photography. Sometimes, I combine projection with this technique to make the images that resonate with me the most. 

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